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Tillage Tools

Kuhn Krause offers a broad range of cultivation equipment that is designed to provide quality seedbeds for maximum crop production. Each product range leads the world in the areas of durability and productivity.
Disc Harrows
Kuhn Krause manufactures a full line of disc harrows that provide excellent residue cutting and seedbed preparation to ensure the proper placement of seeds...
Kuhn Krause packers utilize large notched rollers made of ductile cast iron that downsize clods and uniformly firm the seedbed across the width of the...
Primary Tillage
Kuhn Krause offers a line of primary tillage tools that promote the breakdown of crop residue and allow for excellent root development for the next crop...
Secondary Tillage
Kuhn Krause secondary tillage tools deliver excellent residue flow handling capability, soil mixing, conditioning, and leveling in one pass. They provide...
Kuhn Krause precision tillage system allows farmers to configure the machine to accurately place many different types of fertilizer specific to the...
Vertical Tillage
Kuhn Krause revolutionized the vertical tillage segment with the EXCELERATOR. This product delivers high-speed residue cutting and soil mixing...





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